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Dudley Bros. was established in 1927 by brothers Gail, Tom, and Eltos Dudley. They operated a successful tire and automobile business and later expanded into full time ranching. The Dudley brothers acquired several large ranch properties during those expansion years, and part of the current land holdings includes a portion of Comanche County property originally purchased in 1885 by their grandfather, James Hudson Dudley.

Today, Dudley Bros. operates as a family owned Limited Partnership with a Limited Liability Company serving as the managing general partner. Currently, fourteen family members are shareholders in the Limited Partnership and John, Jim, T. J., Tom R., Ray, and Harry Dudley serve as Limited Liability Company board members.

The Dudley Bros. ranching enterprise has a long history of producing registered horned Herefords. The partnership began raising registered horned Herefords in 1938, and the ranch continues to produce top quality Hereford cattle on the native range lands of Central Texas. In 1962, Dudley Bros. began holding an annual Fall Production Bull Sale. The ranch has now sold over 7,500 two year old Hereford bulls through their annual auctions. The legacy bull sale is held every October at the ranch headquarters, located two miles west of Comanche, Texas. Ranch raised females are sold private treaty in the spring. Dudley Bros. has an impressive herd bull battery that consists of the best genetics available in the horned Hereford industry, and new prospects are purchased annually from other outstanding Hereford breeders across the country.

Dudley Bros. has always used and raised top quality ranch bred quarter horses that complement the registered Hereford cattle operation. The Central Texas ranch is also home to abundant populations of whitetail deer, wild turkey, and feral hogs. The ranch provides hunting leases to hunters that enjoy the high quality wildlife and hill country style landscape. In 2012, Dudley Bros. embraced renewable energy with a long term wind energy lease. The ranch family continues to look for ways to improve and expand the Dudley Bros. ranching operation.

Dudley Bros. Ltd. proudly partners with ranching industry associations to promote agricultural issues that ultimately benefit producers, consumers, and the environment. The Dudley family actively serves on national, state, regional, and local boards that focus on political and economic issues, historical preservation, western heritage, community improvement, and education. The ranch family also hosts gatherings for various groups that are interested in gaining insight into Dudley Bros. ranching philosophy and family heritage.

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